BREAKING: American Grandmother Slashed To Death, 5 Stabbed In London Islamic Terror Attack

One American is dead, and 5 people have been wounded in an Islamic terror stabbing attack in downtown London.

London police who were called to the scene tasered a 19-year-old man and took him into custody.

According to the Mirror UK, “Armed officers arrived at the scene within five minutes, they discharged the Taser whilst confronting and arresting the suspect. Six people have been injured, including the one woman who sadly died at the scene, and the others have received various injuries.”



The woman who was killed was in her 60s. CNN is reporting that she was an American.

Fox News has confirmed that the terrorist was an Islamist from Somalia.


Just two days ago Metropolitan Police chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said that a terror attack wasn’t a question of “if, but when.”

One witness said that, ‘I heard a scream, and then we went to the park and I saw a girl lying on the floor with blood coming from her back. Another girl had blood on her arm.’

He continued, “I thank God I wasn’t there – 30 seconds more and I may be dead.”

Another witness claims he saw three men leaving the area in a hurry, one on a motorcycle. It’s unknown if they are suspects, or if they were civilians fleeing the attack.

Forensics teams setup after the attack.

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Just hours prior to the attack, Metro police unveiled their new, heavily armed, anti-terror unit called “Hercules.” Some refer to the officers as “robo-cops.”

hercules cops_800x445

According to the Mirror UK, 600 “Hercules” officers will patrol major landmarks, and ride “high-speed BMW GS800 scrambler” motorcycles in order to get to terror scenes quicker.

A senior anti-terror official said that the attack may be due to a mental health issue. He added that “terrorism as a motivation remains but one line of enquiry for us to explore.”

In the wake of the Orlando terror attack where 49 were killed, some news outlets also ran with the narrative that the killings had nothing to do with radical Islamic terror, but rather a mentally ill murderer. Those claims were quickly debunked.

This is a developing story.

By Jeff Rainforth
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