1 Week After Returning Home From 17-Day Break, Melania Released Heartbreaking News Today

The Trump family has been back in the White House for about a week and there is already bad news. Between the constant shrill screams of racism, fascism, and bigotry the left is full steam ahead in dividing the country. Now, the Texas coast is facing a devastating hurricane this evening and what Melania had to say about it was truly heartfelt.

All eyes on the Texas coast this evening as Hurricane Harvey is projected to make landfall. Our prayers and well wishes are going to everyone affected by this massive storm, and government agencies are at the ready to help once the storm passes. This is President Trump’s first major crisis of his presidency and all eyes on him as he braces for the storm. However, it is Melania who stepped forward to offer these touching words for those in the storm’s path that is making headlines.

“For those living near the path of #HurricaneHarvey stay safe!” Melania tweeted on Friday morning. “Thoughts & prayers of an entire country are with you.”

Melania’s message in its simplicity is exactly how all of us Americans feel and it was echoed by many others. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas posted a similar message on his Facebook this past Thursday.

“As Texas prepares for the potential impact in the Gulf Coast region from Tropical Storm Harvey, I urge all Texans in the path of the storm to heed warnings from local officials, know your evacuation route, and avoid all high water areas, this is a serious storm, with strong winds and what forecasters have predicted will potentially be a historic amount of rainfall that will significantly raise the risk of serious and life-threatening flooding.”

“I have great confidence in our state’s first responders, who stand ready to assist those affected. And I ask that you join Heidi and me in keeping all of those in the path of this storm in your thoughts and prayers,” Cruz added.

While others took a thoughtful approach to the impending storm, President Trump was all business.

The Trump administration is doing all they can to ensure that the states affected get the federal help that they need.

The Trump administration is bracing to do what it can after the winds and waves hit, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Thursday.

“I think we’re in great shape having Gen. Kelly sitting next to the president throughout this process,” she said.

Here is more Western Journalism:

There’s “probably no better chief of staff for the president during the hurricane season,” she added, referring to the former Department of Homeland secretary, who is now the White House chief of staff. “And the president has been briefed and will continue to be updated as the storm progresses and certainly something he’s very aware of and will keep a very watchful eye on and stands ready to provide resources if needed.”

Matt Mackowiak, a Texas-based GOP strategist who is president of the Potomac Strategy Group, said the hurricane and the response to whatever damage it causes will be a major test for the Trump administration.

“You don’t want to create a public panic, but you do want people to take it all very seriously,” he told Business Insider. “This is probably not something he’s spent a lot of time thinking about. He’s probably thought about disaster relief more in terms of terrorism with his national security briefings … This is going to be an interesting challenge.”

Melania as usual handled this crisis with grace and poise much to the left’s chagrin. You see, Melania has been careful about how she should use her voice on social media not giving the left anything to attack her on. Melania’s last tweet before today was a week ago when she thanked Chelsea Clinton for standing up Barron Trump.

As AOL reported:

From the national opioid epidemic to the violence of Charlottesville, Melania Trump has spoken out on a number of issues since her husband became president — and the first lady will soon make an announcement regarding her official agenda.

“The First Lady continues to be thoughtful about her initiatives, and we look forward to announcing something in the coming weeks,” spokesperson Stephanie Grisham recently told RealClearPolitics. “As for details of that ‘something,’ it is safe to say that Mrs. Trump is very focused on the health and well-being of children.”

The left is always criticizing Melania Trump for her accent and mocking her marriage to President Trump. These hateful liberals can’t seem to see the wonderful things Melania has done and how strong of a woman she really is. This tweet shows everyone what an amazing woman she really is and that she does truly care.

We here at Freedom Daily echo the same message that our lovely First Lady has tweeted. We hope everyone in Hurricane Harvey’s path stays safe and our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

H/T [Western Journalism]


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