One Horrifying Thing Was Just Discovered Within 100 Brooklyn Mosques And It’s Really BAD

John Binder posted a Tweet that illustrates a geographic fact that proves something hilarious about the globalist elites and their lust for Muslims. There are no Islamic mosques in the Upper East Side where the elites live! There are over 285 Islamic mosques in New York City, but ironically there’s NONE in the upper east.

Well isn’t that ironic! George Jefferson always sang about moving on up, but I guess the Muslim residents of New York City haven’t thought about that yet. Is there a reason that no Muslim mosques are in the Upper East Side? Is there a restriction that prohibits a building of religious stature to claim land in that area? Is there another reason? Were Muslim folks told to stay away from the Upper East Side?

There has to be a reason that there are nearly 300 mosques in New York City, but literally none in the Upper East Side. The map provided by John Binder’s Tweet tells us there’s a strict border where it seems like the Muslims can’t even step a foot into the area. It’s almost like the line creating the border is krypton to Muslims.

What could be some causes to prevent Muslim mosques from moving into the Upper East Side? Politics? Money? Conspiracy theories? Or is it the simple fact that no property is available to them? Are Islamic folks looking for properties and they’re being turned down? Is there an attack being planned and that’s why there are no Mosques in the area? There are so many reasons that could be true, but it remains a mystery to most.

Now it’s time to explore your theories. Why do you think there are no Muslim mosques within that specific area? What’s your idea for the reasons behind this lack of segregation into the Upper East Side?

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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