11 States Sue Obama Regime Over Trannies In School Bathrooms

Why is it just 11 States? anyone with a conscious knows this is not okay. Allowing this in our school bathrooms is dangerous. It puts our children in harms way.

Why are we even battling over this? To force this transgender garbage on our kids is disgusting. To the parents out there..get involved in your kids schools. Stop allowing the left to dictate things. Stop allowing this garbage to be shoved down your kids throats.

The insanity never ceases to amaze me.

From VOX

In the latest phase of the nation’s mounting political war over transgender people and bathrooms, 11 states are suing the Obama administration over its guidelines for school bathrooms and trans people.

Specifically, the lawsuit is a challenge to a federal guidance telling public schools to let trans students, who identify with a gender different from the one assigned to them at birth, use the bathroom or locker room for their gender identity. The guidance is an implicit threat to states and schools, which could lose billions in federal funding for education if they don’t comply. Read More

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