11 Year-Old Student on Crutches Beaten Up for Voting TRUMP in Mock Election (VIDEO)

It’s been a violent few days following the election of Donald Trump – and ALL of it has come from leftists.

An eleven year-old student at Stafford Elementary is recovering Wednesday after being beaten by several of his classmates. The boy said it was during a mock election when the class was asked, “Who voted for Donald Trump?”

And then things went wrong….. As the Gateway Pundit reported:

In an exclusive interview with FOX 26, the 11-year-old boy involved and his family tell us what happened.

“This is America,” said Mary Lemmon, the mother of the student beaten. “Everyone has the right to their own opinion, and they shouldn’t be beat up for it.”

“These boys decided to ask the classroom, ‘Who voted for Donald Trump?’ And then I said, ‘I did.’ And then they come over here and jerked me out of my seat,” said the student. “Before I could get up they started kicking me and punching me.”

It goes without saying that this kid literally couldn’t have voted for Trump.

The student’s name was protected by request of his parents. But he told us the classroom did have a teacher present. He said when he was on the ground, it “felt like it was forever”.

“We have not really gotten a clear explanation of how long this went on and why did it take so long for it to be stopped?” said his father Buddy Lemmon.

The Lemmons said they received a call from the principal of the school immediately after the incident.

Not only is attacking Trump supporters fair game, even those who didn’t vote for him but like the man’s ideas are targets. What world do we live in where thought crimes are now a reality?

And these are the a**holes who declare with a straight face that “Love Trumps Hate.” Hypocrites.

Donald Trump said he’d fund the lawsuits of any of his supporters who fought those disrupting his rallies.I hope the family of this child sues the living hell out of his attackers – and that The Donald pays for it.

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