12 Hrs After Travel Ban Blocked, Look What Hawaii Judge & Obama Are Caught Doing In Honolulu!

12 Hrs After Travel Ban Blocked, Look What Hawaii Judge & Obama Are Caught Doing In Honolulu!

While President Trump was at a rally in Nashville, Tennesse yesterday to gain support for his revised travel ban, his backstabbing predecessor was caught acting suspicious in Hawaii, seemingly in an effort to go against his plan. It appears to have worked, as it was announced last night that the ban had been put on hold by Hawaii Judge Derrick Watson, and now more has come out about the former President’s relationship with Watson in addition to what’s been revealed in photos now 12 hours later.

It seems that Barack Obama’s alleged “shadow government” is in full effect as one of his first acts to take down Trump seems to have come to fruition. Obama can’t relinquish control of our country and appears to be getting in the way of our new president’s progress by trying to be the leader behind the scenes. While he was said to be spending his time in retirement writing his million-dollar memoir, it turns out that he’s palling around with his old college friend instead perhaps to work some things to his advantage.

US District Court Judge Derrick Watson, who sits the bench in Honolulu, is not only a good friend of Obama’s, having reportedly graduated from Harvard Law with him in 1991, but he was nominated by Obama for the job in 2012. This was all very advantageous to our former president who had a likely non-coincidental solo trip to the tropical state this week, at the exact time the ban was blocked for a second time, Politico reported.

Although it’s all speculation at this point, it seems too convenient to be coincidental, especially since as the ban hold announcement was made last night, Obama was seen dining just five miles from Watson’s home. Perhaps he was celebrating what he had just accomplished in his sudden trip to the state.

The decision to put a hold on Trump’s travel order came after Watson heard argument about the ban being discriminatory and Judge believe that the effort to revise it just further proved that. Trump has an uphill battle with this controversial order but he’s not giving up the fight.

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