It’s Official! Look What 13 Defiant States Just Banded Together To Do That’s NEVER Been Done Before!

President Trump and his cabinet have had no end of grief on every single measure they try to enact. It’s almost as if people in America don’t expect presidents to actually follow through on their campaign promises.

Such has been the case with the travel ban that the President deemed needful for national security. Even though it’s completely within his rights to order such a ban (as presidents before him have done) every liberal in the country was so infuriated that the name Donald Trump was signed to the order, that they did their best to block it. Unfortunately, there were some judges who agreed with them and knocked down the ban on their behalf.

Now, though, several states have decided to come out in support of the ban.

Via Red State Watcher:

Twelve state attorneys general and Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant filed the amicus brief which claims the president’s immigration order is lawful and well within his authority. The attorneys general who joined the brief were from Texas, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota and West Virginia.

The 36-page amicus brief filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit indicates that states do not have the authority to “restrict or set the terms of aliens’ entry into the United States for public-safety and national-security reasons.” The federal Executive Branch, pursuant to the laws of Congress, has that authority, the brief argues.

Their support of this measure is undoubtedly about more than just national security, though that is the most important part. President Trump has made huge moves toward giving states back their rights. This is something that is going to help each area regain its individuality, and its ability to listen to the needs of the citizens in their particular jurisdiction. This also is a nod that they know, while some laws should be taken care of by the states, some issues, like immigration, are not theirs to decide.

The system works best if no one tries to work the system, and working the system is something that liberals are absolutely GREAT at. Some might even say exploiting the system with their illegal voters and judge legislators, bypassing the rule of law seems to be a honed skill within the DNC. However, they might be in for a big shock when they realize just how much America has woken up to their games. Prior to this administration taking power, there was a huge defeatist attitude within the conservative ranks. President Trump’s Make America Great Again campaign has reminded many of what we were and could be again. Now individuals, cities, and states are standing up and doing their part to take back the land of the free and home of the brave.

Move over illegals, we’ve got a country to take back.

(Source: Red State Watcher)

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