MIC DROP! WATCH: 13-Year-Old Girl DESTROYS Hillary Clinton At Donald Trump’s Rally

There is nothing more satisfying than listening to a young adult or just a young person in general call Hillary Clinton out for exactly who she is. Start them young as they say. If that is your sentiment then the story of this little girl will warm your heart!

A 13 year old girl went to a Donald Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona with her family and she absolutely destroyed Hillary Clinton. The girl appeared on stage and gave a little speech. She insisted that she supports Donald Trump for a litany of reasons. Among them including,

  1. Because she wants a chance to be successful like her parents.
  2. Because she believes that he will help her achieve her dreams.

She said that she plans on going to college, being a well known news anchor, finding a cute boy to marry and having a large family. In addition, being happy, healthy and safe. Her best dig was when she described studying social studies and the declaration of independence. She compared the English kings who tried to take our freedom to Hillary Clinton.

This young girl vociferously castigated Clinton for lying to the parents of the Benghazi victims, lying about her emails, lying about her record creating jobs in New York and for using the words racist and bigot to strip people of their religious freedom. One of the one liners the crowd loved best was that if Trump had a brick for every lie that Clinton told he could build two walls!

The crowd went wild over that! When she said that her parents teach her the lesson that actions speak louder than words she went on to explain that it is for that reason she is amazed anyone could consider even voting for Hillary Clinton.

Clearly this girl is being raised RIGHT!

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