13-Year-Old With Replica Gun Shot By Baltimore Police During Chase


Wow, this is shocking! I bet it was an evil white kid who refused to drop the gun that looked exactly like a real one. Wait, white kids don’t refuse orders from cops, they respect them. Must have been an up & coming BLM thug. He’s lucky the cop didn’t waste his ass.

BALTIMORE (AP) Baltimore Police say an officer shot and wounded a 13-year-old who refused to drop a BB gun that was a replica of a semiautomatic pistol.

Commissioner Kevin Davis said at a news conference Wednesday near the scene in West Baltimore that the teen will survive.

Davis says two detectives were driving when they saw the teen carrying what appeared to be a gun. The commissioner says the officers identified themselves and the teenager took off running.

Davis says officers caught up with the teen and ordered him to drop the gun. The commissioner says the boy did not, and one officer shot him in the leg.

Davis says he looked at the replica after the shooting and could not tell it wasn’t a real gun.

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