14 Black People Shot In Chicago In One Night, Media Curiously Silent…Sweet Smell of Hypocrisy

Last night fourteen people were murdered due to gun violence in the city of Chicago, Illinois. One was a six year old girl named Tacarra Morgan. All she was doing was sitting on the porch with her mother and grandmother. She was shot in the abdomen in the West Englewood neighborhood.

Two volleys of gunfire erupted as three cars began to drive down the 6000 block of South Paulina Street around approximately 1:00 pm in the afternoon. The little girl was transported to Comer’s Children’s Hospital where she was listed in critical but stable condition. No one was taken into custody in connection with the incident. The police reportedly believe she was shot over a gang dispute between feuding factions of the Gamgster Disciples.

The irony of these shootings is that Chicago has some of the strictest and toughest gun laws out there yet they suffer from some of the worst gun violence and gang rates in the country. Showing the utter lunacy behind progressive liberal ideology on banning out second amendment rights.

In the last year 2200 people have been shot in Chicago a decent portion of which were under the age of thirteen, like Tacarra. Date from the Chicago Tribune indicates she’s the fifth child this month to fall victim to gun and hang violence.

The real question remains, why is the Black Lives Matter movement not up in arms about these black lives? Why are they not protesting the streets about the depredation of their people by gangs, drugs, and prostitution. Instead they stand their proclaiming their discrimination and oppression comes from the white man. All one has to do is look at Chicago to see what the problem is.

Apparently only Black Lives Matter when a white person takes a black life but when black people murder other black people it just doesn’t matter. That seems quite selective and convenient.

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