15-Year-Old Black Girl Just Got a BRUTAL Lesson On What Happens When You Fight The Police (VIDEO)

Recently, a story of supposed police brutality was in the news. The narrative was this: a 15-year-old black girl was innocently riding along on her bike, when Hagerstown police decided, for no reason at all, to detain her. After they arrested her, handcuffed her, and placed her in the backseat of their police car, they pepper-sprayed her. Sounds indefensible, right?

Well, unfortunately, the bodycam footage proves that entire story to be a complete lie.

Police were originally called when the girl hit a car with her bicycle. Just an accident, right? And that’s all it would have been, except for the girl’s behavior. She was combative to officers the entire time. She fought them, tried to leave the scene, swore at them, resisted arrest, kicked a police officer, and then used her legs to try to prevent the door of the cruiser from being closed. It was only after all of this had happened that an officer deployed the pepper spray.

You can see the entire video here:

That’s quite different from the story the media was telling, isn’t it?

Here’s the thing: you can’t leave the scene of an accident. Doing so is a crime. And this girl may think that because she can play the victim, she can do whatever she wants without any repercussions, but these police officers were wearing body cameras. She was telling her friends to “record this sh**, yo!”, but she didn’t realize that police already were. And that just ruined her entire effort. The sad thing is that the officers even warned her; while she was resisting them, they had her well-being in mind. They told her she was going to get herself hurt, and she did.

Now that the whole story has come out, it’s clear that these officers are to be commended. She behaved despicably, and they reacted with an incredible of restraint.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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