15 Year Old White Girl Was Waiting for a Taxi When a Muslim DID THIS to Her For Insane Reason!

via CP: 15 Year Old White Girl Was Waiting for a Taxi When a Muslims DID THIS to Her Because…

Nicole Zanlith, a Danish citizen, was waiting for a taxi in the Spanish town of Marbella.
A group of North African Muslim immigrants attacked her for the fun of it.

The slashed her face with a broken vodka bottle causing permanent blindness in her right eye. Violence against European women by Muslim immigrants is exploding at unbelievable rates. It is easy to see why the perps targeted her. She is beautiful and fair-skinned.

The news report at least admitted that the attackers were Moroccan immigrants, which is more than most US media outlets would have done.  However, the report is still a deflection. Instead of talking about the nature of the crime, they make the story about a Disco serving to underage patrons.

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