Here’s 16 Fake News Stories Reporters Have Run Since Trump Won The Election

Everyone knew about fake news before Donald Trump started calling it out.

Fake news has been around forever in the tabloid magazines. Then came little websites and even a big one, The Onion.

The difference then, and now, is that back then people would make little tiny websites with fake news stories as a joke. It was random people making a $5 fake news article website for fun. You know, stories like the ones you see on tabloid magazines where the main character is Batboy and Chupacabra. No harm, no foul, totally satirical and unbelievable. The Onion was legit then (and now).

The majority of old school fake news sites were just guys having fun, NOT THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA LYING TO PEOPLE FOR REAL!!!

Now fake news is mainstream. The leftists mainstream media outlets have lost their damn minds and they’re pumping out fake news after fake news because they don’t know what else to do.

When Donald Trump started calling people fake news, it was an eye opener because everyone reading this terrible liberal media nonsense was caught up in sharing things on Facebook. So many people read just the headline and shared things, not knowing that deep inside the mainstream article was the remnants of BatBoy and BigFoot. Pretty on the cover but fake on the inside, right?

That brings us to the 16 fake news stories reporters have run since Trump became President.

This is a list of dates and information. The complete barrel of joy is located on the Federalist.

  1. Early November: Spike in Transgender Suicide Rates

  2. November 22: The Tri-State Election Hacking Conspiracy Theory

  3. December 1: The 27-Cent Foreclosure

  4. January 20: Nancy Sinatra’s Complaints about the Inaugural Ball

  5. January 20: The Nonexistent Climate Change Website ‘Purge’

  6. January 20: The Great MLK Jr. Bust Controversy

  7. January 20: Betsy DeVos, Grizzly Fighter

  8. January 26: The ‘Resignations’ At the State Department

  9. January 27: The Photoshopped Hands Affair

  10. January 29: The Reuters Account Hoax

  11. January 31: The White House-SCOTUS Twitter Mistake

  12. January 31: The Big Travel Ban Lie

  13. February 1: POTUS Threatens to Invade Mexico

  14. February 2: Easing the Russian Sanctions

  15. February 2: Renaming Black History Month

  16. February 2: The House of Representatives’ Gun Control Measures

At what point will people begin reading more to make sure they’re on REAL NEWS and stop sharing the fake news?

We have to be diligent and make sure we only share trusted sources.

If you see it linked to from us, then it’s a good source. We don’t play around with those little fake sites. We call out the fake news on the mainstream media. We post the most talked about news of the day and that’s something you can share.

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