16 Illegals Allowed To Sue Hardworking Arizona Rancher For SICK Reason & He Can’t Stop It

The crackdown on illegal immigration has been continuing under the Trump administration and it does not appear it will be loosening up anytime soon. Americans know it is happening and they don’t appear to have a problem with it. People are taking up the call to help. Even if they aren’t an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent. Which is why this latest story will both please you and make you shake your head in disagreement.

Roger Barnett regularly patrolled his property along the US/Mexico border while carrying an assault rifle and pistol. Roger would track suspected undocumented immigrants crossing his property into America.

An Arizona resident who happens to be a rancher living on the Mexican-American border has been working for over a decade to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the border on his property and off. This all started when Barnett made it his mission in 1998 after some illegal immigrations had destroyed some of his property and murdered his calves. As a result of his actions, approximately sixteen Mexican citizens are now suing him for allegedly conspiring to violate their civil rights. Specifically, they are angry and taking him to court for his pulling a gun on them on his ranch when they tried illegally crossing the border.

The rancher is Roger Barnett and he owns the Cross Rail Ranch in a small town called Douglas in southern Arizona. This is a hot spot known by local, state, and federal authorities as a hot bed for illegal immigrants crossing the border without proper documentation. Back in 2004, Barnett found a large group of illegal aliens crossing the border on his property. When he came across them he held them at gunpoint and immediately called the authorities and waited for Border Patrol to show up.

Some people were wondering why he even had a gun on his property and whether he was using it for that exact purpose. First of all, it does not matter. His second amendment rights allow him the right to keep and bear arms so why he has a gun is irrelevant. So long as it is properly registered. Secondly, he began carrying a gun after his home was robbed as well as ransacked by illegal aliens who were crossing the border. Who can blame him for wanting to protect his land and his loved ones?

The group of Mexican nationals now suing this man is being represented by attorneys for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, known as MALDEF. A liberal organization that takes on class action like suits such as these ones. A local news outlet reported the following about Barnett’s defense attorney and his defense of his client,

“Mr. Barnett’s attorney, David Hardy, had argued that illegal immigrants did not have the same rights as U.S. citizens.”

The attorney’s second argument is that Barnett cannot be sued and charged for protecting his own property which is perfectly legal. As well as carrying a registered firearm. This is America after all. There are numerous laws that protect peoples private property and second amendment rights. However, some previous cases with precedent have indicated that these Mexican nationals have a little validity to their argument as foreign nationals have sued Americans before.

The suit has become federal and the Mexican nationals involved are seeking close to $32 million in damages both actual and punitive for what they call a violation of civil rights and emotional distress inflicted upon them. As well as Barnett himself his wife Barbara and brothers Donald and Larry Dever have been named in the suit as well. Considering this all started in 1998, close to twenty years ago, and the incident in question took place in 2004 one could say these people are chasing ambulances to get a quick buck and make a point.

The attorneys for the plaintiffs alleged that Barnett threatened to put his dogs on the group of five women and eleven men and to shoot them if they tried to escape. All while holding them captive. Illegal immigration should not be tolerated and it is clear these individuals were breaking the law. But if this is true was it really necessary?

Was it truly a necessity to terrorize them to the point where they felt they would get killed by either a gunshot or a hungry animal? Surely the police should have been called and he should have held them with his gun until they got there. But were the threats necessary? Was it required to be so harsh? They are people after all, even if they are criminals.

Comment below whether you think he used the adequate amount of verbal and physical force or if he crossed the line.

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