Over 17,000 Citizens Sing Special “Christmas Carols” in the Streets… Muslims Are Furious


Christmas carols are traditionally used to express joy during the holiday season — but thousands of people in Germany just used them as a form of protest against radical Islam. The rally was organized by PEGIDA, which stands for Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West.

According to Breitbart, over 17,000 German citizens participated in the peaceful protest. Many of them held banners with messages such as “Against Hatred, Violence, and the Quran” and “No Sharia in Europe.”

Reportedly, people also handed out song sheets, and a large part of the crowd sang Christmas tunes to bring a festive atmosphere to the otherwise serious protest.


The country of Germany has seen a rise in tensions between various Islamic factions, including Kurds and Salafist minorities. Like many nations in Europe, a large number of Muslim immigrants have flocked to Germany in recent years, and some brought hatred and violence with them.

There are similarities between the German concern about radical Islam and similar sentiment in the United States. In both countries, a high number of people are worried about extremist violence, while the government seems to turn a blind eye to troubling trends.

Germany’s elected leader, Angela Merkel, has taken a stance similar to liberals here in America. She has suggested that the PEGIDA group has some sort of ulterior motive and allegedly warned citizens to “watch out that they are not instrumentalised by the organizers.”

It seems strange for the government to be more concerned about a peaceful citizen rally than the actual radical Muslim groups who have committed violent acts.

As with the United States, however, people may be waking up to possible threats and taking steps to shine a light on the situation.

Courtesy of Conservative tribune 

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