Five Muslim Migrants Caught Brutally Sexually Assaulting Teen Boy In Asylum Center

What’s interesting is how the Swedish authorities twist themselves into knots to somehow diminish the ghastly nature of the crime. Police originally charged the men with attempted rape; they later decreased the seriousness of the charge down to aggravated assault: “It was not the kind of violence which is required for a rape.”


“Five Migrants Caught Sexually Assaulting Teen Boy In Sweden,” By Jonah Bennett, Daily Caller, May 2, 2016:

Police arrested five migrants Sunday evening for sexually assaulting a teenage boy in an asylum center located in Sweden.

The teenager, who was staying at a migrant center in Årjäng, Värmland, which is near the border with Norway, was brutally assaulted and even threatened with worse acts by these men, The Local reports.

While police originally charged the men with attempted rape, they later decreased the seriousness of the charge down to aggravated assault.

“It was not the kind of violence which is required for a rape,” Tommy Lindh from the local police force told The Local. “There’s a difference between rape and aggravated sexual assault. You can make a person commit sexual acts without using violence, for instance.”

In the interview with The Local, police declined to provide any information on the identities of the men involved in the assault. Police also refused to say the location of the refugee center where the attack took place. The general location of Årjäng is known, but there are multiple asylum centers in that locality.

In 2015, 130,000 refugees flooded into Sweden, causing a sudden spike in crimes at asylum centers. This means more work for police officers, which hasn’t escaped notice.

“Of course it’s extra work for the police,” Lindh told The Local. “There’s an increased population and the kind of living that makes people commit crime, so it’s much harder work for the police.”

Swedes have struck back against the uptick of violence at refugee centers, which has spilled over into local communities. There have been at least 18 attacks of arson on these centers since February, with no end in sight.

The Swedish Migration Agency is projecting the addition of 100,000 refugees for 2016, which will likely cost the country about $789 million. Refugee flows are somewhat down because of new border controls. Sweden, interestingly, is requesting that the European Commission keep these border controls in play for at least six more months.

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