Idiocy is not limited to the race rioters of Ferguson, Mo., the attorney general’s office in the Department of Justice, or in Al Sharpton’s radio studio — assuming the latter hasn’t beenconfiscated by the IRS for back taxes.

No, there’s plenty to go around, much of it in or near Hollywood, Calif., and the entertainment industry.

It’s always amusing to see how celebrity responses to news events demonstrate their ignorance, and the Ferguson grand jury decision was no exception:

celeb post 1

Thanks, Rhianna. I don’t know where you got this picture from, but I agree with you that it’s a “fact” that the person holding this sign will also probably still be unemployed and available to protest for whatever race-baiter calls upon them next year.

celeb post 2

Did you know Spike Lee’s real name was Shelton? I had no idea.

No wonder he calls himself Spike.

The best part of this Tweet was learning I don’t have share the continent with Katy Perry, at least for a little while.

But seriously — “Sorry, folks, I’m in Australia for two months as part of my world tour, but I sure wish things were equal.” Of course you do.celeb post 3Alicia Keys apparently subscribes to the “less is more” school of ignorant celebrity political statements.

Translation: please stop reporting anything that makes our side look bad. You’re supposed to be on our side.

And seriously, Twitter, Busta Rhymes has a verified account but Katie Pavlich doesn’t? Talk about social injustice.

Meanwhile, Lena Dunham took a few moments away from sexually molesting her sister to write this little gem:

Sorry, Mom and Dad Dunham — no presents for you this year. “All” her love is with the Brown family.

Apparently, Queen Latifah retweeted the following, according to Breitbart:

I actually agree with this quote — although I suspect that Queen Latifah didn’t interpret it quite the same way that I did.

For example, I would be for justice in prosecuting the witnesses who lied to police about Michael Brown having his hands in the air when he was shot and later retracted their statements when the physical evidence proved them wrong.

I would also support justice for Al Sharpton and other race-baiters who propagated those lies.

celeb post 4

This one brings out my inner basic white girl. I can’t even.

Marlon, I never thought I’d say this, but please go make another unfunny movie or something.

celeb post 5

That’s sort of a nice sentiment. It doesn’t really mean anything, but it’s sort of nice.

But who does Russell Simmons think is engaging in hate? The only candidates I can think of are the New Black Panthers and whatever other idiots are running around Ferguson burning minority-owned businesses to the ground.

Here’s another I pretty much agree with:

celeb post 6

Yep, Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown — two young men of color who died too early because they got what they asked for. I can see the connection.

Moby needs a new Twitter Handle after that tweet. There’s nothing little about his idiocy.

And from the “come into my parlor” department:

Why do I get the creepy feeling that Cher wants to protect all these innocent young black men … personally?

Then Macklemore added his name to the list of people who apparently don’t understand what justice is.

I wonder if the three black grand jury members and the multiple black witnesses who confirmed officer Wilson’s version of the shooting are aware that they were working for white supremacy, or if only Macklemore is blessed with that particular insight?

Rumor has it that Pharrell was so not “Happy” with the grand jury decision that he actually almost took his hat off for a second.

Actually, I pretty much agree with this one too. Larry the Cable Guy should definitely have been in first place.

I’m sorry, but the guy who produced “The 40 Year Old Virgin” and “Knocked Up” should not be allowed to mention either “The Network” or “Ace in the Hole” in any public forum.

Actually, no Billy Wilder or Robert Duvall films at all, period.

I was concerned that we might not hear from anyone associated with “One Tree Hill,” but Sophia Bush took care of that:

celeb post 7

Actually, since all she did was post the Brown family statement (the official one, not the curse-laden early statement that actually called for more violence), I guess I technically still haven’t heard from “One Tree Hill.”

And finally, a two-fer, as idiot Julianne Moore retweeted this post from idiot Michael Skolnik:

Yes, let’s do think about that for a moment — just long enough to realize that that’s not what happened.

Brown was shot dead 153 feet from Wilson’s car. Wilson was not at his car when he shot Brown. How is it possible that you paid enough attention to the facts to recall that specific distance but not enough attention to understand what it meant?

And how is it that you, too, have a verified Twitter account?

If I were Katie Pavlich, I’d be ticked.

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