Tim Kaine Addresses Crowd In Spanish, Promises Amnesty Plan ‘In First 100 Days’

It’s official that Tim Kaine, the Senator of Virginia is Hillary’s VP choice. At an event in Florida she introduced him as a ‘progressive’ which is alarming that American politicians today are so open with saying they’re socialists and progressives and believe that will gain them votes. Kaine decided to give half of his speech in Spanish to show that he’s in touch with the Hispanic community. Kaine referred to his missionary work in Honduras often and even mentioned (in case they didn’t get it) “Soy catolico” meaning: I am Catholic.

He said that in his work in Honduras that people loved America sooooo much that they ‘merecen’ or ‘deserved’ to be in America. Just because I love a dude a lot doesn’t mean I deserve to live in his house… I’m pretty sure there a lot more important reasons that put a deserve factor for anyone to do anything than just love a thing. It’s right out of the millennial textbook… you’re a winner because you were born and you deserve a thing just because you want it. Oh brother!

The highlight of his speech was this line (translated into English for ease):

“In our administration in the first 100 days we’ll put forward a comprehensive immigration reform package that includes a path to citizenship,”

YEP! He just promised Miami dwellers amnesty. Wait… do people in Miami care that much about amnesty? Well the Hispanic population in Miami is mostly Cuban. Cuban voters don’t look at immigration issues the way other Hispanic voters do. They tend to be more conservative and proud of their path to becoming an American citizen and are offended by people who ‘cut in line’ so to speak. While the crowd probably cheered through Kaine’s speech, they probably weren’t as moved about amnesty as if the speech were given in California. Also, Washington Post says that Hispanics don’t care that Tim Kaine speaks Spanish but would prefer a Hispanic running mate for Clinton.

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