After 2 Cops Just Shot Judge Jeanine UNLOADS On Killary And Obama! ‘It’s On Them!’

Judge Jeanine Pirro is a well respected conservative news anchor and on television she recently chimed in about two police officers who were recently shot and placed the blame on Hillary Clinton and President Obama. She was none to pleased either.

Two officers members of an elite anti-crime and gang unit were shot during a routine traffic stop. They don’t know if the shots were from inside the car or outside the car. The female police chief noted the officer was placed into another cop car and taken to the hospital. She hailed their actions as heroic. One officer unfortunately didn’t make it. He was married with two kids.

The other office is expected to survive.

On Fox and Friends this week she spoke about the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She chastised the Black Lives Matter movement activists for chanting over the moment of silence. Deservedly so. She also castigated Presidemt Obama and Hillary Clinton for creating an atmosphere of rhetoric in which law enforcement officers are painted as unfeeling racists targeting the African American community.

I don’t think conservatives would disagree. As a public servant for most of her life Judge Pirro knows what she is talking about.

In her appearance on the show she can be seen saying,

“Well the problem is, the reason I’m shaking my head, is were now seeing the normalization of cop killings. This is starting to be almost routine, every week were hearing somethings happening. And I can guarantee you there are people out there who are cheering the fact that a police officer was shot in the line of duty.

Irrespective of this case, all the facts have yet to be revealed, but at the same time if you think about it, eight years ago were people talking the way they’re talking now about police? Eight years ago were police worried about the fact that you know when they go out they’ve got a target on their backs.

This is a frightening place. It goes to one time. From Obama to Hillary Clinton they cannot stand their and say, “oh we support police.” And for the last seven years it’s been about police are mistreating minorities.”

Judge Jeanine is right on point.

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