2 MUSLIM Terrorists Stab Female Israeli Soldier… Get INSTANT Justice [VIDEO]


It was a sadly familiar scene — an Israeli soldier stabbed by Palestinian terrorists. However, what started as another tragic case of Islamic jihadists getting the upper hand on the Israelis turned into a story of bravery, as the soldier managed to kill the terrorists.

Moreover, their death was caught on video and posted on the Internet. We must warn you that it is graphic, but it shows what the consequences for jihadists and their sick ideology are.

According to i24 News, the incident happened at Ariel Junction in the West Bank yesterday afternoon. The twoPalestinian terrorists stabbed and injured the female soldier near a group of Jewish settlements in the hotly-contested area. The stabbing took place as the soldier was disembarking a bus.

owever, while seriously injured, the Israeli woman decided to fight back. She shot the two terrorists, seen here in this video. (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

via Conservative Tribune

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