2 Thugs Pull Out Guns At A Texas Fireworks Stand, BIG MISTAKE! (VIDEO)


A would be robber picked the wrong target when he decided to rob a fireworks stand outside Houston Texas.

After pulling out his gun he did not expect this response.

After getting out of a green Mustang here’s what the thieves did.

“They told him we want the money and he tried to talk him out of it, so he said ‘I have to go to this little room and get the money’,” said Richard Treichel, who owns the fireworks stand.

At that point the employee grabbed his own gun and started firing at the crook. He was shot in the face, wrist and back, then rushed to the hospital via Life Flight in critical condition, The employee was not injured. “I’m just very glad he didn’t get hurt,” Treichel said. “He’s a nice guy and he didn’t deserve this.”

More proof that good citizens need to arm ourselves!

Courtesy of Q Political 

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