20 Years In Prison: That’s The Punishment For The FELONY Obama Just Committed

President Obama paying Iran $400 million for our Iranian hostages is a felony that lands people twenty years in prison. They were stacked on pallets in an unmarked plane and arrived in Tehran, Iran over night. Which was just prior to the release of American hostages. Either Obama thinks the American people are stupid or he’s just that arrogant.

The National Review says that the reason the Justice Department took issue with the incident was because they were concerned about the payment of $400 million to Iran. This past January, the Treasury Department

“published guidance regarding Iran states that, in general, the clearing of U.S. dollar- or other currency-denominated transactions through the U.S. financial system or involving a U.S. person remain prohibited[.]” (See here, p.17, sec. C.14.) I’ve added italics to highlight that it is not just U.S. dollar transactions that are prohibited; foreign currency is also barred.”

Iranian transactions regulations prohibit sale, supply, exportation etc. from America or by Americans to the Iranian people or government. Thus there would be no reason for a plane to have been in Iran with goods and supplies.

The regulations even state that using a third party is illegal too. So the hogwash theory that the government had to use euros and francs because they needed to use foreign currency is just that, hogwash.

The blatant hypocrisy and criminality that took place with this ransom money and hostages is blasphemy. The president sincerely believes he could look at the sky and tell us it’s pink and we would believe it. He lives in this alternate universe where he actually believes the nonsense he tells himself. Unfrotunately, the rest of us remain firmly in reality and we see exactly what he and his administration did.

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