2015 Miss South Carolina Teen International Arrested

Okay she did a stupid thing..(HELLO SHE’S A TEENAGER).. But charging her..really? Hillary Clinton is a criminal who’s running for President. Welcome to the liberal insanity that is running our country.

We wanna charge 17-year-old teen girls..yet our government commits fraud on a daily basis. Gets away with murder…What a Twilight Zone.

We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office. ~Aesop


The Miss South Carolina Teen International 2015 was arrested for forgery on Monday, May 23, according to the Duncan Police Department.

17-year-old Madison Cox is charged with counterfeiting/forgery after writing several doctor’s notes to cover her absences from school, police say.

The notepad that was used to write the excuses came from Parris Family Chiropractic, but the notes were not genuine.

The office was either closed or they did not see her on the days of her absences, according to police.

Cox was previously the Miss Spartanburg Teen International 2015.

She is a student at Byrnes High School.

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