21 Police Officers Injured, 100 Black Lives Matter Terrorists Arrested Overnight Near St. Paul

Numerous police officers were injured during the protests and riots in St. Paul, Minnesota. On officers was severely injured and suffered a spinal fracture as a result of a concrete block dropped on his head. Molotov cocktails were also thrown at other officers as well as the injured officers.

Earlier in the day officials reported that fifteen police officers and six state troops sustained injuries when rocks, bottles, firecrackers and other objects were pelted at officers by protestors. This took place on Saturday and early Sunday. Approximately 100 arrests were made in connection with these protests.

Interstate 94 was completely shut down because of protestors who were repeatedly asked and then told to leave. St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell and Mayor Chris Coleman were angered and disgusted by the violence perpetrated on police officers by protestors according to CBS Minnesota.
Axtell said,

It’s really a disgrace. Protesters last night turned into criminals, and I am absolutely disgusted by the acts of some, not all, but some.”

Police used pepper spray to get rid of the crowds and about hall of the 100 people were then arrested at the protest site on the highway. The other 50 were arrested at separate locations.

The violence and crimes committed against law enforcement officials is disgraceful. Police officers are a target now more than ever. Especially after the planned and calculated attack against several police officers in Dallas, Texas. Many Black Lives Matter protestors and rioters are rejoicing in the officers deaths saying they deserved it.

Ironically, those same people are the ones who ran from all the gunfire at protests while police officers ran towards the danger to protect those same people protesting against them. They died protecting the protestors. This is what they get in return. It is utter lunacy and makes no sense at all.

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