21-Year-Old Has a Defiant Message for ISIS After Their Claimed Attack on Garland, Texas


From IJReview: Following the terrorist attack on a Garland, Texas event, community members are “standing strong,” writes ABC News.

On Monday evening, ISIS claimed responsibility for the shooting; on Tuesday, 21-year-old Joseph Offutt had a message for the terrorists.

While he disagrees with the motives behind the ‘Draw Muhammad’ event, he supports their right to free speech:

“I believe in our First Amendment right to free speech, and I will protect my amendment with my life,” Offutt told ABC News today. “But I do not agree with how this group was using that amendment, knowing they would be offending people’s religion.”

So Offutt picked up an American flag and stood outside the Curtis Cullwell Center where the attack occurred, proudly displaying Old Glory for all to see:

Other also joined in throughout the day, holding their own signs and showing solidarity with the community:


Although Offutt stood alone for much of the time, at 7 p.m. he was still “on duty”:

“I haven’t eaten yet, but the way I see it, if the service men and women of our country can make a sacrifice, then I can make a sacrifice, too,” Offutt said. “I’ve never been in so much pain with my arms, but now I got people coming and helping me. It’s a beautiful thing.”

The Huffington Post writes that CAIR has publicly condemned the shooting and stated it was organizers’ right to hold the Muhammad cartoon-drawing event.

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