22 Muslim Training Camps Found In THESE States – Here’s What The Media DOESN’T Want You To See

There is a reason that President Trump wants to have extreme vetting of people entering America. Considering that under the Obama administration, our national security was put on the backburner. The violence around the world proves that ISIS is a very real threat that is not going away anytime soon. However, what makes this even more frightening is that these terrorist groups are already U.S. soil ready to attack.

Dennis Micheal Lynch interviewed Ryan Mauro, an analyst of national security for the Clarion Project. Mauro claims that are 22 villages around the country, including New York that are training terrorists. What is even more infuriating is that the FBI knows about this, but refuses to call them terrorist training camps.

“They’re a front group for a Pakistani militant terrorist group,” Ryan Mauro from the Clarion Project said. “We have declassified documents from the FBI showing they have links to Al Qaeda.”

Lynch then described his visit to one of the towns in upstate New York during the filming of “They Come to America 3.

“These places are nestled in the woods in small towns that have only two or three cops,” said Lynch. “The FBI shut down one of them after a raid in which they found blueprints for carrying out terror attacks here in the U.S.”

Lynch then asked Mauro to rate the level of danger that this group presents to the American people on a scale of 1 to 10. Mauro responded by giving them an “8.”

Watch the entire report here.

I guess what makes my blood boil is that the media is absolutely silent on this. They are chasing fictional scandals and trying to say that President Trump is putting our country at risk. I am sorry, these 22 terrorist training camps that were formed under Obama says something different.

This needs to be exposed and we need to push that they are shut down quickly. Please share this report to spread the truth.

H/T [Dennis Micheal Lynch ]

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