$226K In Debt. Supports Sanders…Wait ‘Til You Hear What She Studied WOW! (WATCH)

How in the Hell do you go $226,000 into debt going to college studying what she did???!!! This Bernie supporter was interviewed by actress Shailene Woodley (Yeah, I’ve never heard of her, either). Woodley is also a Bernie supporter, and was enthralled by the moronic college student’s story.

Guess what she studied to go that deep into debt? Nuclear physics, of course! Wait, no, she studied… wait for it… Speech pathology! That’s right! She wants to “help people communicate” more effectively. And now she wants YOU to pick up the tab for her ridiculously obscene tuition bill.

I’ve come across idiots in my life before, but this dingbat brunette takes the cake. No way in hell do I want my tax dollars going to support her “career choice.” Maybe if she was studying to become a doctor, or could cure cancer I might be willing to throw a few coins her way, but speech pathology?? Give me a freaking break. These are the kind of people who support Sanders. Idiot leeches who to take from you & me, so they can have everything handed to them on plate.

Pay your own way, honey. It’s what honest, hardworking Americans do everyday. And we’re better off for it.

Wearing a cardboard sign upon which “$226K” is written in green characters, a supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders told 24-year-old actress Shailene Woodley that she owes $226,000 in debt.

Woodley, also a supporter of the socialist senator from Vermont, then asked the young female what she had studied after high school.

The answer? “Speech pathology.”

“I only want to help people communicate effectively,” declares the indebted student. Woodley’s tweet broadens her interviewee’s aspirations, casting her as “trying to help the world.”

Sanders has promised “free tuition” nationwide at post-secondary institutions, without specifying conditions relating to preferred pursuits. Under Sanders’s proposal, those wishing to become mechanical engineers, pediatricians, or electricians will be afforded the same taxpayers assistance as those studying Greek mythology, “social justice,” or “women’s studies.”

Via Daily Wire

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