24 Hours After Trump’s Speech Everyone Just Realized What Ivanka Was Doing The Entire Time!

24 Hours After Trump's Speech Everyone Just Realized What Ivanka Was Doing The Entire Time!

President Trump’s first address to Congress last night was made into a spectacle that it should have never been, thanks to the Democrats all dressed in white and their sideshow antics. While much has been said about the various underlying events and sentiments of the speech, everyone was so distracted by these details that many missed what Ivanka Trump did the entire time, which hateful liberals just pointed out.

Ivanka stood in the audience behind First Lady Melania Trump, who dazzled in a black sequined suit dress, looking radiant — despite unappealing leftists claiming that she looked trashy. Seeing such class and beauty in the White House is a sight for sore eyes that Americans haven’t seen in eight years and liberals don’t know what to do with other than to try to kill it with condemnation and gross accusations. While Melania’s reportedly $9,600 ensemble was apparently a “cheap” look for a First Lady, liberals had worse to claim about what First Daughter Ivanka was wearing the entire time.

Outside of the obvious jealousy of seeing a beautiful, successful woman in a dress she can afford on her own without taxpayers buying it, the seething left dropped a far more sinister claim about what she was hiding in off the shoulder dress last night. After addressing the outfit as being a dress better suited for the club than for Congress, liberals slammed her for not wearing American-made attire, considering her father’s promotion of keeping jobs and industry in our country, the Daily Mail reported.

The verbal backlash probably stems more from the realization that designers worldwide want to dress both Melania and Ivanka, proving that those who publicly spoke out to say they wouldn’t dress them are irrelevant. Our president’s message has never been one to boycott buying anything foreign, it’s been to put America workers and businesses first, which his daughter and wife do.

There’s literally nothing that Ivanka and Melania can do that the left will consider praiseworthy and of good report, for the simple fact they will always be tied to their nemesis and a contradiction to their feminist narrative to boot. The First Daughter can stand side-by-side to a Navy SEAL’s widow at her father’s speech, praising her in her hardship, and the left will criticize what Ivanka was wearing at her father’s speech. It simply shows how petty and jealous they are and the fact that they will stop at nothing to slander the First Family.

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