26-Year Veteran Sheriff’s deputy fired after posting about mistreatment at McDonald’s on social media (VIDEO)


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via LEO AFFAIRS: A longtime East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s deputy has been fired over an incident with a McDonald’s employee a few months ago.

On Sept. 9, 2015 Lt. Tracy Baker, was going through the drive-thru at McDonald’s in Central, when he claims several cars in the other drive-thru lane were moving forward, but he was not.

When he asked what was going on, he was told they were busy. He responded: “Well, the other line doesn’t seem to be busy.”

In uniform at the time – Baker insists he was not argumentative at the window, where the manager gave him his food. He then saw – standing behind the manager – an African American woman who allegedly said under her breath: “F—ing a–hole cop” and “Black lives matter too.”

Baker complained to the store’s district and regional managers – but to no avail.

A little over a week after the incident, Baker took to Facebook to spread the word about his experience because- in his words -it was a “matter of officer safety.” Baker’s profile picture contained an image of the McDonald’s logo with the words, “McDonald’s does not back the blue.”

He got a huge response .. but on November 4th, he was fired after 26 years with the sheriff’s office.

Baker was apparently terminated because of “conduct unbecoming.” He also allegedly lied to internal affairs, telling them his wife created the post while he was at work, a claim Baker still stands by.

Last Thursday, authorities emailed Baker a restraining order banning him from posting any more statements about McDonald’s on social media. Baker dismissed the order saying he was never served personally, and the email means nothing to him.

East Baton Rouge Sheriff Sid Gautreaux declined to comment on the report. Baker told WAFBthat in his 26 years, he never had a write-up or any disciplinary actions.

When McDonald’s completed its investigation into the incident, they found Baker’s claims to be false. Video shows their employee did nothing wrong. McDonald’s put out a statement saying it has a long history backing the blue, and police officers are loyal customers and partners in the community.

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