UPDATE: 4 Dead As Palestinian Terrorists Open Fire On Tel Aviv Shopping Complex

This is why we must always support Israel. They are constantly being attacked by these Palestinians. The hate towards Israel is mind blowing. This small little dot on the map.

Welcome to Islam..where they constantly wanna slaughter the Jews.

Update: 4 now dead

From JPost

Two suspected Palestinian terrorists killed at least three people and wounded multiple others in a shooting attack Wednesday night at central Tel Aviv’s popular Sarona complex.

Police confirmed that two attackers were arrested and one was shot and wounded. Footage from the scene showed an armed civilian firing shots at one of the suspected perpetrators.

According to unconfirmed reports, two assailants had worn disguises and sat at a cafe in Sarona before opening fire.

Ten wounded people were evacuated to the nearby Ichilov Medical Center. The hospital later pronounced the deaths of three people, and said four other causalities were in life-threatening condition. Read More

tel avivi

From Pamela Geller

Death toll mounts. Three people murdered in shooting attack in Tel Aviv – Israeli police

The Quakers must be at it again.

Nine people were injured Wednesday night, one, a woman, in critical, and two in serious condition, in two shooting incidents in the Sarona Mall area in the heart of Tel Aviv, in the vicinity of the Kirya, where the Defense Ministry and IDF Headquarters are located.

MDA teams are treating the injured who are being evacuated to the nearby Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov).

Two terrorists are believed to have been killed. (Jewish Press)

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