3 Million Illegal Immigrants Being Investigated For Voting After Obama Told Them It Was Safe To Do So…

We’ve heard it a million times from liberals: the electoral college is unfair! It allowed Donald Trump to win without winning the popular vote, they remind us.

What these liberals are neglecting is that we have an electoral college for a reason, mainly to held better represent the interests of States that aren’t population centers, like those in the coasts. Look at the map below for instance, and you’ll realize that most of the country is Red as blood, it’s just the cities that are backed with liberals.


And if we had a popular vote system, candidates would simply campaign differently. Republicans don’t bother competing in States like California because they’ll never get the majority of votes needed to garner their electoral votes, and Democrats don’t campaign in States like Texas for the same reason. That would change if we worked on a popular vote system, so quite simply, no one knows how this election would’ve ended up if a victory was based on the popular vote.

But here’s the thing: if it wasn’t for illegal immigrants, Trump would’ve won the popular vote too! As the US Herald reported:

To understand how serious this issue has become listen to the findings from Greg Phillips of the VoteFraud.org organization, in which illegal aliens have voted within this presidential election.

Moreover after Philips group completed an analysis of a database which housed over 180-million voter registrations, he acknowledged in a tweet: “we have verified more than 3-million votes cast by non-citizens.”

A huge loophole is allowing people to vote with no proof they are citizens:

voter-fraudWant to take a guess at why liberals are the ones who oppose voter ID? They tell us it’s because requiring an ID will disenfranchise voters, but the only people who would be disenfranchised are illegal immigrants.

Voter fraud is real – and it happened to an extreme extent this election. Trump knew he was running in a rigged election – and guess what? He won anyway.

If liberals get demolished like this when they’re cheating, imagine how they’ll do when they have to play fair!


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