3 Thugs Try to Rape Grandaughter: Grampa Grabs Shotgun and Blasts Them

Another terribly violent crime occurred recently but the ending will leave you happy. Three armed intruders broke into a home and tried to gang rape a 19 year old young woman. But her grandfather came and saved the day. 67 year old Kenneth Byrd shot the armed intruders trying to attack his granddaughter!

Sadly, he was very seriously injured during the shootout. The armed thugs terrorized him, his wife, and his granddaughter. Byrd got hit with a bullet but fortunately he survived. They all lived in Lumberton. He is now in the hospital recovering. Robeson County Sheriff Kenneth Sealey confirmed the crime took place around 10 p.m. this past Monday.

Police were called to their home in the 100 block of Yedda Road in east Lumberton when police were called about a reported shooting. When the arrived on the scene they found Byrd had been shot multiple times. Members of the family told police the attack began when one of the suspects knocked on the door asking for water and speaking of car problems. Then, two other men who were wearing black clothing as well as ski masks and gloves came to the house doors and forced their way in demanding a substantial amount of money.

The suspects were shot when they pushed the older couple to their safe and then tried raping the woman. The man fired gunshots at the intruders and each of them were hit. One was 20 year old Jamie Lee Faison and the other was 17 year old Jamar Hawkins. As well as 28 year old Brandon Carver Stephens. One of them is dead while the other two were injured and found. They were all armed.

They tried escaping in the mans good Cadillac but they did not get very far. Who needs the police or EMTs. This couple knew exactly what they needed to do to protect themselves and the police would have taken too long to help them. All they needed was some help from the second amendment.

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