For 3 Years Obama Left Flint with Poison Water… Look What Trump Did in 2 Months

Residents living in the city of Flint, Michigan, have endured third world country living situations for nearly three years. Unable to pour a clean glass of water from their taps, they’ve been forced to live with poisoned looking nasty brown water spilling from their faucets. They can’t drink it. They’re forced to bathe in it. They’re living in squalor while their democrat leaders do nothing. To make matters worse, former President Obama did absolutely nothing for them either.

Democrats running the city and they fail AGAIN to help the poor people who they pander to for votes at every election. The democrats always pander towards the poor people, giving false hopes of overcoming poverty, and then throw the impoverished back in the hole they crawled out of to vote.

No shock there, right? Typical democrat nonsense.

That’s why it’s shocking and amazing that President Trump stepped up to do, in barely two months, what former President Obama failed to do in several years.

President Trump was able to deliver some much needed and long overdue help to the residents of Flint, Michigan to help them fix the dreaded and disgusting water crisis.

Under authority granted the agency by the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act of 2016, the EPA just issued a $100 million grant to the beleaguered city of Flint, Michigan, to help in the effort at replacing the city’s badly corroded and lead-tainted system of water pipes.

Some progressive critics of President Donald Trump have pointed to his proposed budget cuts at the Environmental Protection Agency as proof that he is a terrible president who doesn’t care about ensuring that Americans have clean air and water.

“The people of Flint and all Americans deserve a more responsive federal government,” said EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt in an agency news release. “EPA will especially focus on helping Michigan improve Flint’s water infrastructure as part of our larger goal of improving America’s water infrastructure.”

Democrat Mayor, Karen Weaver, stated she was excited and grateful to receive the funds.

Good for her.

The democrats in her city are the reason that Flint is in this predicament. I’d like to know what Mayor Weaver has done to help her city. I haven’t heard much about Flint’s water problem since it was first introduced to the masses, and then now that we hear it might be fixed after years of suffering.

Where was the democratic President when Flint needed him?

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