39 Illegal Aliens Stuffed into Semi-Trailer in Texas, Presumably Abandoned


From Young Cons: A semi-trailer full of illegal men, women, and children (39 in total) was abandoned in Texas by this man, Drew Christopher Potter, 33.

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Potter is looking at up to 10 years in prison to go along with a lofty fine.

From NBC DFW via Right Scoop:

On Sept. 18, deputies with the Frio County Sheriff’s Department and agents with the U.S. Border Patrol responded to a 911 call from someone who said they saw several people exiting a tractor-trailer parked at a convenience store in Frio County, southwest of San Antonio.

When authorities arrived, they found 39 undocumented immigrants, including 28 men, seven women and four children, from Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico, officials said.

“Very heartbreaking. The youngest that was in there was a 13-year-old little boy. As soon as he jumped out of the trailer he said, ‘Thank you so much. Thank you for saving us,’” said Frio County Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron Ramirez.”We see hands sticking out of a little rear door on the trailer,” said Frio County Sheriff’s Sgt. Jerry Reyna.

The officers tell NBC 5 the trailer was a refrigerated unit, but it was not working properly, and temperatures were well above 100 degrees inside.

“There was a little siding in that trailer, where you could tell they were trying to make a hole to get some air,” Ramirez said.

You have to feel for the illegals in this case (because it looks like they were left to die), but this is just another example of why border security needs to be beefed up.

What if 39 Muslim terrorists were in the back of that semi?

Is it really that easy to get across?

No more K-9 units, or searches?

Thanks Obama (which is always appropriate to use).

—Courtesy of Young Cons

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