4 Black Thugs Arrested For BRUTALLY Beating White Pro-Police Teen To Near Death!

Brian Ogle, a seventeen year old high school student was brutally beaten on September 30th and subsequently rushed to the hospital and sent to the intensive care unit. He was attacked for making pro police Facebook social media statements. The men who brutally beta the boy were pro black Black Lives Matters thugs.

The Sylacauga Police Department has finally announced that they have arrested the four men who were the perpetrators of the attack. The attack has left Ogle permanently scarred for life. All four of the suspects are African American, none of them attended school with Ogle, and all were adults.

Two of the suspects were eighteen and nineteen years old and the other two were twenty year olds. One of the men was criminally charged with assault in the first degree while the other three were charged with assault in the second degree. The severity of the crime matches the severity of the charge. Because Ogle had a fractured skull and brain trauma due to the assault.

Three of the men were given a $15,000 bond and the fourth was given a $20,000 bond. These bonds do not match the crime however. For such a barbaric crime the bonds should have been higher. Ogle’s mother has insisted the crime was a hate crime. Ogle would have died as a result of the attack had he not received quick medical intervention and he will suffer permanent brain damage. Their should be harder and stiffer consequences.

Quartez Lamar Walker was the one who who beat Ogle as she was armed. His charges are more serious, in the first degree. He is charged with a Class B felony. The rest of the men had a charge of a Class C felony. The low amounts for bail mean they will likely be able on post it.




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