4 Louisiana Police Officers Receive Awesome Note on their Outback Steakhouse Receipt


From Young Cons: This is something that should be happening more often in America, especially with the way police officers are being treated by the mainstream media and liberals everywhere…

From Mr. Democratic:

Four Louisiana police officers stopped by a local Outback Steakhouse to eat dinner after a long shift. The manager and the waitress knew the men, as they’d been eating there for years, and with all the hubub going on in the U.S. with Hussein Obama’s unofficially but highly active war on cops in America, the ladies decided to do something really nice for them.

When the officers asked for their checks, they were shocked to see that their meals were paid for. The manager and her waitress took care of the tab.


Very cool ladies.

The waitress and manager were shocked when the receipt was posted to Facebook, and never expected “to draw attention from their random act of kindness.”

Cops deserve our utmost respect at all times. They risk their lives every single day to make sure people (all people) are safe from harm.

I’m not saying they should eat for free every time they head into a restaurant, but once in a while (especially if they’re regulars) would be amazing.

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