4-Star Admiral Reveals the “Greatest Threat to Our National Security”… And He Held Nothing Back


From the Conservative Tribune: Four-star retired Adm. James Aloysius “Ace” Lyons Jr. knows a thing or two about threats, given that he served in the U.S. Navy for 36 years.

So when Adm. Lyons claimed that “the greatest threat to our national security today” was in fact President Barack Hussein Obama, we’d better listen.

He wrote as much in a recently published column in which he explained why the president keeps undercutting the very nation he is tasked with leading.

The reason, explained Lyons, lies with Obama’s past. The fact is that Obama has never once believed in our country’s exceptionalism or greatness.

Instead he has always blamed “America for many of the world’s problems” and believed that the solution to rectifying this is to weaken America’s influence over other nations, including enemy nations like Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Russia and China.

Because of Obama’s skewed perceptions, he unfortunately also lacks the ability to correctly identify these enemies. And thus he remains unwilling to accept the connection between the Islamic State group and the religion of Islam.

Obama also refuses to acknowledge any criticism of Islam, as he prefers that the future “not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.”

Even worse, Obama keeps embracing groups like the Muslim Brotherhood that seek “to destroy the United States from within … by our own hands and substitute our Constitution with Islam’s Shariah law.”

And let us not forget about how Obama keeps negotiating with Iran, a rogue regime that openly mocks us — and that is responsible for “the loss of life of thousands of Americans.”

However, according to Lyons, our influence isn’t just being weakened in the Middle East. The fact of the matter, he wrote, is that “our influence and status as a great power and reliable ally is being challenged” all across the world, by everyone from Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini to Russian President Vladmir Putin.

These observations led the honorable admiral to conclude his piece for Breitbart, “The greatest threat to our national security today clearly is the Obama administration policies, which must be reversed.”

And the only way for us to reverse this horrifying trend is to “stand up and demand that Congress act NOW!”

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