4 Thugs Went Looking For a Fight And Found Out The HARD WAY They Chose The Wrong Guy…BOOM!

A guy was out minding his own business when a pack of rabid feral thugs bullied him. They didn’t expect the lone wolf to fight back, let alone eat them alive!

The lone soldier throws his hands up, letting the rabid thugs know he’s ready for whatever they have. The group crowds against him, pushing his back to the wall. Then one of the thugs throws a punch and it escalates quickly. The sole defender hammers them with punches, throws one into a car, and they scatter like fleas hopping off a wet dog.

Lesson to be learned? You don’t ever know who you’re messing with. This guy just beat the dickens off FOUR thugs and they scurried like little wimps.

The thuggish gang mentality doesn’t always work.

Here’s proof.

Watch the video and enjoy.

This is Bob’s inner fight club.


What would you do if you were him? Would you fight or retreat? Do you really have a choice? If they want to jump you, you have to fight back!

This is also a great example of why open carry laws should be permitted everywhere we go. He could have easily shot all four of them without breaking a sweat.

Since it’s on video that they move in on him and throw the first punch, it should hold up as self defense.

His act of getting them to fight was to show that he wasn’t afraid of them and hope they think he’s like Four Loko and back off.

If you were a judge, who is in the wrong in this video?

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