500 People Just Lost Their Jobs Because Of Trump

Ironically there are about 500 people that just lost their jobs because of the election of Donald Trump. And that is the 500 White House staffers that work under President Obama. To help them the President brought in employees from Instagram, Facebook and other social media website to help these new unemployed staffers search the job market. LinkedIn workers are helping them market their skills to find new work.

A professional development program called Future44 was created by Georgetown University to help all of these staffers position themselves in a new position for life after the White House during the Trump administration.

There is no cost to the program. 271 of those staffers have already used it. People can register for two or eight hour sessions which is called boot camp. Kelly Otter who is the dean of Georgetown School of Continuing Studies said,

We designed this unique curriculum to help these staffers think through how to market themselves or market their competencies.”

Trump’s election shut the door on the possibility of keeping these staffers because of the strikingly different agendas of the Presidents involved. Some will be heading to New York City and San Francisco. Bastions of liberalism of course. These places cater to millennials.

Jennifer Friedman who is a White House spokeswoman said,

The transition out of government is a reality for most appointees, which brings both excitement about prospects for the next chapter or a long-awaited chance to recharge batteries, and a keen awareness about a big, impending change.”

Ivan Adler who is a headhunter of the McCormick Group specializes in government affairs talked about the massive transition these White House staffers will be facing. She said,

I tell everybody: You have to understand there’s likely nothing you will do professionally that will have the same amount of excitement you’ve just gone through in the White House, unless you become a race car driver or an astronaut.”

Perhaps Trump can have mercy on them. They could work for the Trump Organization.


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