6 Things I Don’t Understand About the Fat Acceptance Movement


There is a problem with obesity in America today.

From the television ads for weight lose miracles to Michelle Obama’s school lunch program; America’s weight problem has started to shift, from finding a solution to general apathy and acceptance.

ThoughtCatalog.com published an article on what they entitled the “Fat Acceptance Movement.”


  1. America’s acceptance of obesity. People are starting to “just accept” that they will be overweight without even attempting to do anything about it. Joining a gym or walking around the block don’t take that much effort. Every little thing helps.
  2. Personal health should be a part of “body positivity.” Feeling comfortable in your skin should also include taking some pride in your self worth and longevity. If you are damaging your body with bad food, the “positive” you are feeling may be more from being full, not feeling sexy or good about yourself.
  3. The misconception that “any” size person can be healthy. Obesity, like anorexia, is unhealthy at a certain point regardless of how you feel. If you are constantly tired, get winded walking up stairs, or can’t see your feet, you might be at the unhealthy stage.
  4. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No one should be made to feel bad or be put on the defensive just because they don’t find a certain body type attractive. This includes advertisers like Victoria’s Secret, who have been hounded to use models with different body types in their ads.
  5. Addiction to food is real. Like drugs or alcohol, any substance that goes into a body can become addictive. Junk foods have made addiction even more prevalent. Also the fact that a lot of “good” tasting junk foods are on a dollar menu, and readily accessible.
  6. Battling childhood obesity begins in the home. It is one thing for an adult to be overweight, but a child, that is the responsibility of the parent and no one else. Take control of your child’s diet, and start them early eating healthy.

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