HILARIOUS: 6-Year-Old Girl Says Hillary ‘Steals’ During Trump Visit To First Grade

Donald Trump visited first graders, where he can easily win a debate without preparing for it.

However, one of the girls who spoke about his opponent, Hillary Clinton, said something absolutely hilarious.

“My heart was squished together, smashed,” the 6-year old said. “One of the ladies who wants to be president is actually bad. She steals.”

Isn’t that something. This is from the heart. This girl watched TV and probably overheard people talking about Hillary in an unpleasant way. She said Hillary steals! Where did she ever come up with that? Kids say the darnedest things!

If I had to explain to a six year old who Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were, this is how it would go.

Donald Trump is a TV guy with lots of money, bad ginger hair that looks like a cheap toupe, and should probably be on a wrestling show instead of running for President of the United States. He’s an idiot with no clue about politics and says things to get free press, but that’s fine, because we’re sick of politics anyway. We’ve embraced that because it’s different and we’re sick of the same ol politics that have gotten us nowhere. We’re fine with Trump over Hillary any day of the week.

America needs REAL CHANGE and something different. He can build a wall if he wants, no one really cares. The best bet is for Trump to win the election in November and quit, leaving Mike Pence as the President, in which case the country will do well. Pence is a cool guy. We like Pence. He’s like the cool uncle who always takes care of you and makes really good points with a beer and a bonfire.

Hillary is like that witch in the Wizard of Oz movie. Did you like her? Did anyone like her? Exactly. Not even the flying monkeys liked her. Did you see their faces in the movie, they don’t look happy at all. What happens in November? Do you remember seeing the hidden scene in the Wizard of Oz?

That’s Tim Kaine hanging himself by the eyebrow.

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