6’5′ THUG Wants Fight With a Little Asian Guy… Then Gets DESTROYED!

big guy little guy fight

WARNING: This VIDEO has GRAPHIC language watch at your own discretion.
In the video you will see a tall lanky guy about 6’5 arguing with another guy about the pop tarts he supposedly stole from another guys house. Suddenly, an Asian man about 5’2 comes up yelling “You want to start a fight with me, I’ll end it! I don’t give a sh*t hos big you are…”

The two banter back and forth like two kids at a Jr. High dance, you remember wanting to dance but to scared to get started. That’s really how this fight happened. The tall guy looked very unsure about the whole thing and I think he was surprised about the aggression coming from the smaller man. Looks like the smaller man got more blows in and he frustrated the tall kid. Finally the tall kid grabbed his keys on a chain and started using it as a weapon against the smaller guy.

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Elvin Sosa: tall guy kinda seemed like a pussy until he started swinging his keys at the shorter guy, at that point everyone knew he was a pussy.

Bandit King: Seems like the big guy didn’t expect the small guy to fight as hard. That scared the fuck out of him. You can see the fear on his face.

fatshoki: First time i like the conduct of the spectators. they’re having a laugh, but are bing cool about all that.
picking glasses so they wouldn’t get broken, berating the guy for using keys…
props to them, i’d do the same.
if they want to get it on, they might as well, but let’s keep it clean.

All of the bystanders hoot and holler and make fun of the taller guy for unfairly using a weapon. You’ve got to check out the VIDEO for yourself:

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