Watch What Happened When A 6th Grade Latino Student Wore His Trump Hat To School

A young student was the targeted on his school bus by his peers when they noticed that he was wearing a certain red hat with the words, “Make America Great Again” written on it. As in other stories around the country, it seems that a political hat – and from an election winning Presidents campaign – causes radical leftists and their offspring to fly off into fits of rage and feel ‘justified’ in physically attacking the wearer.

Who would have thought that in 2017, the most base instincts would take over the ‘enlightened’ ones on the left…The hypocrisy is so overwhelming it makes me ill!

The more stories that come out showcasing the unbridled insanity of the left with its anarchy-wing destroying property and violently beating conservatives, the more it would seem that our nation is getting ripe for the picking…A picking that will result in the deaths of many.

But hey. That’s just me thinking out loud. Nothing will happen…Right?

A sixth-grader wearing the now infamous red baseball cap that supports President Trump’s campaign became the target of a school bus beating after his peers took it upon themselves to be ‘offended’, and started to attack him.


A kid with a cellphone recorded the whole mess, and you can hear the yelling in the background, accusing the 12-year-old of all the nasty things that the left accuses Trump supporters of. One student screams at the victim:

“You want to build a wall? You want to build a f–king wall?”

The following is from NY Daily News:

Things quickly escalated from there, the unnamed 12-year-old said. At one point, he just got so frustrated he pushed me,” the sixth-grader told the news station. “And then he kept hitting me and backing me up by the window of the bus, and so I just had to push him out.”

A spokesperson for the Parkway School District said the altercation was investigated and that all students involved have faced “consequences.”

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