77-Year-Old Man Will Spend The Rest Of His Life In Prison Thanks To Obama’s MASSIVE Mistake

Barack Obama will go down in history as one of the worst president’s this country has ever seen. Between Obama’s government overreach and the constant disrespect of our veterans has turned all of our stomachs. The lack of care our veterans receive by the Department of Veterans is disgusting. Many veterans are left to fend for themselves or are dying due to lack of medical care. And now, one veteran has been sentenced to life in prison which could have been completely prevented.

Lee Carroll Brooker is a 77-year-old veteran that has been suffering from many chronic conditions. Brooker who resides in Alabama decided that instead of taking endless prescription pills that have terrible side effects, he would use marijuana. Brooker planted the plants in his son’s backyard and used them strictly for his medical conditions. The plants were discovered and Brooker was arrested, charged and eventually convicted.

The amount of usable marijuana found in Brooker’s yard varies among sources. The law in Alabama uses its harsh sentence for amounts over 2.2 pounds (1 kilogram). It has been reported that Brooker’s plants weighed about 2.8 pounds, including the unusable parts of the plants.

The judge stated that he wished he could have given the elderly veteran a lesser sentence. However, in Alabama, that is not even possible with the current laws on the books.

Lee Carroll Brooker was sentenced to life in prison for marijuana.

Brooker who joined the Army at the age of 17, was under fire in both Lebanon and the Dominican Republic. He eventually rose to the rank of sergeant in the 82nd Airborne — where he was decorated for infantry service.

Which makes me wonder why was he not given a more appropriate sentence?

The New York Times reports that: “While the sentence was mandatory, the prosecutor was not required to bring the precise charges that triggered it. Prosecutorial discretion here, as in most cases, is a central factor in determining what punishment defendants face.”

Many of our veterans are sadly left to fend for themselves because of poor medical care from the V.A.. I am not exactly sure how I feel about marijuana being legalized for recreational care, but I do see the benefits in medical use. If Obama truly cared for veterans he would have made sure they were getting top notch care, However, these heroes have received sub-par care and because of that one man is now in prison for the rest of his life.

So, Obama, you can add this to your “legacy” as well.

H/T [ Conservative Daily Post ]

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