BREAKING: 8 Dead, 30 Injured In Mass Casualty Situation; Waiting On Trump To Address The Nation

Texans were treated to a free horror show at their San Antonio WalMart when a WalMart employee discovered a semi-trailer loaded with bodies. They were approached by someone who desperately needed water. After that, the mortifying discovery was made!

Eight people were dead, 30 injured or needing medical assistance, and more ran away from the scene of a horrendous human trafficking delivery gone disgustingly wrong. The truck contained mostly adults aged 20-30, but there were a few children involved. Those who perished likely suffered a heat stroke. Those in need of medical attention were mostly extremely dehydrated.

All of them should be shipped home to their family, but not until they provide information on the who, what, when, where, why, and how this all happened.

Via The Federalist Papers:

“Local authorities found eight people dead and another 30 injured inside a semi-trailer overnight Saturday at a WalMart parking lot in San Antonio, Texas, in a clear case of human trafficking.

At a press conference early Sunday, local police said that Homeland Security has been called in to assist in the investigation.

In addition to the dead, 17 people were taken to area hospitals in serious condition and 13 had less-serious injuries. Most had severe heat stroke and dehydration. The group had at least two young children, but mostly adults in their 20s and 30s.

Talking to reporters, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said they were notified shortly after midnight by a store employee who said there were people in the truck begging for water.”

San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood, who stood alongside McManus at the press conference, said firefighters arrived on the scene at 12:26 a.m., and began pulling the people out of the truck, which had no working air conditioning. In a phone interview with CNN later in the morning, Hood said all of the dead were adult males and that some may have suffered brain damage from the intense heat conditions inside the truck.

WalMart has enough problems with keeping shelves nice, not hiring enough people to work the registers, filthy bathrooms, and now a truck full of bodies in their parking lot! They can’t win!

Authorities stated that the deceased were all males who suffered from likely brain damage as a result of the heat strokes they endured inside the truck. It makes you wonder how bad life is in Mexico that you’re willing to pile up in the back of a truck, in the summer, with no ventilation. If they’re willing to do that, then life must be really bad for them.

Or there’s another side of this story. The people are being sold into cheap labor slavery, drug running, sex rings, or who knows what else they could be getting themselves into.

“Officials said they are investigating where the truck arrived from, and said they don’t yet know how long it had been parked. Surveillance video from the store showed a number of vehicles entered the parking lot and “picked up lots of folks that were in that trailer that survived the trip,” McManus said, ABC reports.

Some of the people who had been in the truck ran into the woods, he said. The area was searched, and another attempt will be made in the morning.

While he called it a “horrific tragedy,” the police chief said the discovery “is not an isolated incident. This happens quite frequently … fortunately there are people who survived, but this happens all the time,” he said.”

Someone on that truck knows something. Get them all locked in isolation and start hammering them with questions. Throw a few cheeseburgers and bottles of cold water in front of them, put on the good cop/bad cop show, and badger some answers out of these folks. Do whatever you need to do to get answers and figure out how deep this crime goes.

If some people escaped into the woods, then what were they running from? Were they scared to be deported? Did they not want to face police and have to cover something up? What’s at the end of the line for this crime?

How can they search the woods and not find a few people who are likely dehydrated, exhausted, and barely have any energy? Don’t forget, the people running were IN A HOT TRUCK WITH DEAD BODIES, so it would only take a few dogs to sniff this out. They were probably piled in like a pack of sardines, but they most likely smelled worse.

The truck had air conditioning, but it was not working. The people were transported to hospitals to be treated. Hopefully, they’re transported to a police station to provide answers to a long list of questions that need to be answered.

This terrible discovery of the dead and injured bodies is a good argument for building a border wall. A well-guarded border/wall might help prevent something like this from happening. Eight people are deceased and many more injured thanks to weak border control. Build the wall, enforce the law, and make everything better.

Those eight people could still be alive today if the truck’s air conditioner worked, but mostly if they couldn’t get across the border, to begin with.

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