83 Year-Old White Woman Beaten & Set On Fire By Black Gang, Where Are Cries Of Racism?

Whenever a crime is committed against an African American person the Black Lives Matter movement is quick to demonize all white people and blame them for systemic racism. But when the roles are reversed they run as far and as fast as humanly possible. This happened in Atlanta, Georgia a few weeks ago when an 83 year old elderly woman was attacked by a gang of black people.

Her name was Dorothy Dow and she was sleeping in her bed in her home when four black men as well as women broke into her home, savagely beat her and then set her on fire! She died in the hospital do to complications from the serious injuries. The gang is all being charged with murder.

The perpetrators were 38 year old Justin Grady, 18 year old Cortavious Deshaun Heard, 17 year old Mina Christine Ellery, and 17 year old Angel Latrice Harmon. They are held without bail in jail on capital murder charges which are felonies as well as malice murder.

The details of the murder are deeply disturbing. She was pulled from her bed while she was in the dead of sleep and one of the gang members began savagely with a pistol. It broke her bones in her hand and arm. They then covered her in flammable material and set her afire. Absolutely disgusting. Only animals would do something like this.

She pulled herself to a safe place where she knew she had a jug of water that was a gallon. She did is before she passed away. She proceeded to put the water on herself to get rid of the fire and she did. With her arm broken she was able to call 911 but she sadly passed away.

The double standard is absolutely terrible because next to nobody is talking about this. There is no national outrage and it is just because she is white. These animals deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away for good.

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