WATCH: 86-Year-Old Woman In Wheelchair DESTROYS Thug Who Stole Her Purse ‘F**K That B***H!’


The first rule of being a criminal is to not be a criminal. But if you must be a criminal, then what’s the point of harming an old 86-year-old in a wheelchair and stealing her purse? How much money could an 86-year-old have? What does she carry money for, getting into the bingo hall or a seat at the slot machine?

If Adrianne Terry is guilty of this crime, then she’s as big as a scumbag as she looks. I hope her giant chesticles suffocate her in prison. Way too much woman and she shouldn’t be robbing little old ladies.


CBS New York – Police have arrested and charged a woman who they said was seen on surveillance video stealing an 86-year-old woman’s purse as she sat outside in her wheelchair in the Bronx.

Adrianne Terry, 37, of the Bronx, was charged with grand larceny and petit larceny Tuesday afternoon, police said.

She was arrested in connection with the robbery on Sunday afternoon near East 179th Street and Marmion Avenue in the Tremont section of the Bronx.

This adorable old victim had some very cute words for the dirt-bag lady who tried to rob her.

The second rule of being a criminal is that if you have a very large body, that you don’t wear a red shirt that makes you look like the Kool Aid man.

While we’re on the topic of old people, here’s a few related videos that might give you some comedic relief from the real nonsense we’ve witness with an old lady being a victim of a crime.

Warning: graphic language ahead!

This woman will mash you up!

The amount of broken hips in this video is higher than the number of hips these folks actually have.


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