9 People Suddenly Collapse On New York Street, Then Cops Make Horrifying Discovery Nearby

The word, epidemic is a scary word. A word that has the power to strike fear in people that know the history of the world. Epidemic is defined as being a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time.

Well folks, 9 people have just collapsed on the streets of New York, all suffering from the same symptoms, and police are on the alert.

So far, four had died, and 5 are still stable…not very good odds at all.

In two of these nine cases, paramedics has successfully administered Narcan. Narcan is a drug that quickly reverses the effects of the symptoms they were suffering from, it was quick thinking and saved two of the five survivors.

In another isolated incident around the sametime, Police officers and paramedics were called to a seventh-floor bathroom in a Macy’s department store on @. 34th in the early afternoon.

There they found an unconscious man with the same infliction, showing identical symptoms as the others. His brother was there with him and he was panicked over the situation. He had admitted that that he and his brother were involved in illegal activity before he his brother collapsed and begged the authorities to revive his brother.

Paramedics went to work, reviving the unconscious man and then sent him to their local medical center.

Then shortly after that incident another call came in and they found themselves heading to a laundromat, where a 50-years old man was also found unconscious in a bathroom, this man sadly did not make it. He died a few hours later despite the efforts to revive him from a medical team.

The last disturbing call came in later that night, this time to a YMCA. It was a staffer of the community center, who was found unconscious. Paramedics did their best to rush him to the nearest hospital for treatment before it was too late, but the 38-year old unconscious man never made it through.

It was too late.

Nine humans in one day, in the same city… I’d say that’s no coincidence.

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