Valiant 9 Yr-Old Waits 30 Mins, Barefoot In Pouring Rain To Salute WWII Veteran’s Funeral Procession

Jerry O’Keefe was hero who enlisted just a few weeks after the Pearl Harbor attacks and was also one of the youngest flying aces in WWII. Later, he held political office for all of two terms as a conservative Democrat. In 1973 he was elected mayor. He stood against the KKK and advocated for jailing them. Unfortunately, O’Keefe recently passed away and a funeral was held in his honor where planes flew overhead on his behalf.

The Independent Journal Review reported,

Joe O’Keefe says his father, Jerry, was a “larger than life figure.” Jerry enlisted as a Marine fighter pilot a few months after Pearl Harbor, and traveled across the Pacific to the Okinawa theater.

During his first experience with hostile fighting, he shot down five planes in one day, becoming one of the youngest fighter aces in WWII. A week later, he shot down two more. When the war ended, Jerry returned to Mississippi, and he and his wife grew their family to fifteen.”

Nine year old Kaiden Wade stood in the rain for thirty minutes without shoes on with his hand over his heart while the procession took O’Keefe to his final resting place. The family of O’Keefe were shell shocked and incredibly star struck when they found out what Wade did.

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O’Keefe’s son Joe said,

“He came around the corner and saw Kaiden standing there all by himself. No adults around. No friends around. In the rain with his hand over his heart. Stock-still as a measure of honor and respect for our father.”

The family said that Wade’s act helped them to heal. Most likely because they were so touched by his warm hearted gesture. It is nice to know that such moral, upright, young children exist out their in a world that seems to be devoid of those characteristics.

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