9/11 Families Drop Bombshell on Massive “Slap in the Face” From Obama

Families of 9/11 victims dropped a bombshell on President Obama in an article published this weekend, calling the administration’s response to Saudi Arabian blackmail over a proposed law allowing families to sue the country a “slap in the face.”

According to the New York Daily News, Congress is considering passing a law that would allow families to sue the Saudis for being responsible for the funding behind the attacks.

As blackmail, the Saudis have threatened to sell off $750 billion of U.S. assets if the legislation is passed — and Obama has done nothing.

The families, needless to say, are furious.

“I’m furious. This is a slap in the face to the 9/11 families,” said Jim Riches, a retired FDNY deputy chief. His son Jimmy was killed responding to the attacks.

“Let them keep their money. We don’t want their money. It’s not worth 3,000 American lives,” he said. “Call their bluff.”

“How in his right conscience can he do this?” Riches rhetorically asked of Obama. “Meanwhile, they slap us in the face. Stand up for our principles.”

“Why do they cave in to the Saudi Arabian government instead of protecting the American people?” asked Terry Strada, whose husband died on the 104th floor of of the North Tower. “They’re just trying to keep the Saudis’ dirty little secret. We’ve never held them accountable.”

Those who escaped were furious as well.

“It’s blackmail, that’s all it is,” said Sharon Premoli, who escaped from the 80th floor.

“This has got to stop. The threat shows that they are really nervous. They don’t want to show up in court.”


John Kerry is much more interested in meeting with Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister than in helping 9/11 families

These are the sick priorities of the Obama administration. It will stand by as the Saudis blackmail us. Meanwhile, Obama will gleefully insert himself into situations like Ferguson and Baltimore.

This has to end, and it has to end now. It’s time for America to stand up to the Saudis.

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